I played my first Video Games in 1988 and started building levels and modding in the late 90s. I now love making games.
In the late 90s I discovered Macromedia Flash, 3D Studio MAX and Video Toaster. That combination led to my love for Motion Graphics and Animation today.
I've always been passionate about Music Composition, Production and Song Writing. Please visit hitpress.nl for a broader look.
I consider Logo Design to be a refined graphic art. "I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things." - Lindon Leader
From Die Cut to Digital. As a Graphic Designer I have done almost every conceivable type of project over the last 15 years including Print, Stationary, Packaging, Web Design, UI and UX.
Sound Design and Music for the mobile rugby club management game, Rugby Wars, by GST Gaming.
Music and Atmosphere for the HIV/AIDS social impact serious game, Swazi Yolo, by Formula D Interactive and School of Public Health, Kyoto University, Japan.
Game Design, Art, FX, Sound Design and Music for the gritty 80s-arcade-inspired Turball (alpha) by Drogbeeld.
Game Design, Art, FX and Music for the work-in-progress title, Space Magnet, by Drogbeeld. Yes, scope creep is a reality :P
A short Motion Graphics and Animation reel showcasing my transition from corporate to advertising to video game projects. Circa 2005 to present.
I'm interested in all things tech and geek. IT, Software, Electronics, Networks, Security, Programming, Web, Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrencies, FinTech, Decentralized Systems, The Token Economy. Coded this responsive website in Notepad++ without JavaScript or Bootstrap... I have a lot of experience with the whole computer thing, you know... emails, sending emails, err... receiving emails, deleting emails, erm... I could go on.